Functions & Duties of DGM – Marketing

The duties of the Deputy General Manager, Marketing Officer shall include the following:

  • To be in charge of the Marketing Section of the Federation under the supervision and overall control of the Managing Director.
  • To visit Branch Officers, regional offices, societies whenever necessary.
  • To attend to correspondence relating to Marketing section.
  • To arrange for quick selling of agricultural commodities.
  • To study the market trends of the agricultural commodities and furnish reports.
  • To present monthly progress report of marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To draft notes on the subjects pertaining to the section for the meetings.
  • To examine new business ventures to be under taken and furnish detailed reports.
  • To prepare annual marketing plan for various agricultural commodities and to be in charge of execution of plan after approval by the Board / Sub-Committee and Managing Director.
  • To arrange compilation of all statistics relating to marketing societies, marketing of agricultural commodities and allied matters.
  • To perform and to attend such other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager & Managing Director.

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