Functions & Duties of General Manager

The duties of the General Manager shall be as under:

To supervise the day-to-day administration of the Federation and to allocate and distribute the work among the members of the staff including the officers.

  • To make disbursement and to obtain vouchers and to receive payments and pass receipts under the General or Special order of the Managing Director in this behalf from time to time.
  • To keep all accounts and registers required by the rules.
  • To prepare all the registers, vouchers, balance sheets and other documents required for the transaction of the business of the Federation.
  • To conduct correspondence and to supply all needful information to the members.
  • To see that, the audit memo, Inspection / Enquiry reports are placed before the Managing Director for consideration without delay and to take further steps with regard to rectification and submission of on rectification report to the Audit / Inspection / Enquiry Report, shall be sent within 60 days to the Auditor / Registrar.
  • To guide, supervise and control the work of the salaried staff of the Federation and its branches and to do all other work with may be entrusted to him by the Managing Director.
  • To receive agricultural produce and other goods in the Federation godown and to be responsible for their safety while they are there.
  • To realize the sales proceeds.
  • To conduct the sales and supervise weighments etc.
  • To purchase and sell the articles of domestic needs and agricultural requisites at reasonable rates subject to the approval of General or specific instructions of the Board of Directors.
  • To countersign cash book, in token of the balance being correct and to produce the cash balance whenever called upon to do so by the President or Managing Director.
  • To collect amounts payable on shares and repayments to loans or advances.
  • To check the accounts of the Federation and count the cash balance.
  • To acquire or to take any premises on lease for accommodating the Federation’s offices and for storing goods etc.
  • To receive the agricultural produce for the sale and arrange for its grading and proceeding wherever possible.
  • To convene all Body, Board of Directors, Executive Committee and all other Committee meetings of the Federation and such other Committees that may be set up as directed by the President / Managing Director.
  • To attend the General Body, Board of Directors, Executive committee and all other Committee Meetings of the Federation and such other Committees that may be set up as directed by the President or Managing Director but shall not participate in the discussion.
  • To record the proceedings for such meetings in the minute book.
  • To enter into an agreement or contracts for purchase or sale of goods or lease of lands or buildings subject to prior approval of the Board and to execute documents on behalf of the Federation and represent it in all legal actions instituted by or against the Federation.
  • To draw, accept, endorse and negotiate bills of exchange and endorse, sale, transfer or otherwise deal with shares, Government Securities for or on behalf of the Federation.
  • Perform such other duties that may be entrusted by the Managing Director and Board from time to time.
  • The General Manager may entrust any duties and responsibilities to officers with prior approval of the Manager Director.
  • In the absence of the General Manager, the Managing Director may authorize next senior officer of the Federation to perform such functions as are necessary.
  • To maintain the properties of the Federation in the proper form.
  • To dispose of unserviceable articles / stocks up to the extent prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • To institute, conduct, defend, compromise, refer to arbitration or also abandon legal proceedings and claims by or against the Federation, as directed by the Board.
  • To refund or transfer the share of affiliated societies as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • To receive money due to the Federation and give receipt thereof.
  • To incur expenditure up to the limit authorized by the Board of Directors
  • To pay money due to the institution.
  • To make appointment of the staff authorized by the Board of Directors of staff service Rules.
  • To perform all other duties and exercise such powers as are assigned / delegated to him by the Board of Directors / Committees.
In addition to the duties conferred under byelaw 11 (ii), the General Manager shall have the following powers and duties:
  • To be responsible for the proper administration of the Federation subject to the overall control of the Managing Director.
  • To give valid discharge of the fixed deposits Government and trustee securities and negotiable instruments viz., cheques, bills, R.Rs., R.T. Rs., ect., on behalf of the Federation and collect interest there on.
  • To draw and disburse pay and allowance of the members of the staff and to sanction any kinds of leave not exceeding two months to all employees including Government servants on deputation.
  • To censure, fine, withhold increment, suspend, reduce and dismiss employees of the Federation subject to Rule 52 of conduct and Discipline rules.
  • To appoint class IV employees in consultation with the President within the sanctioned strength subject to sanction by the Board, budget allotment and approval for scale and strength of staff.
  • To sanction arrears of increments to all employees not exceeding twol.
  • To incur contingent expenditure not exceeding Rs. 1000/- in a month subject to budget provision.
  • To convene the meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee and other committees and to arrange to dispatch the Agenda notes there on and the proceedings and other relevant matters connected to the members.
  • To purchase and incur expenditure on books, forms and stationery subject to a limit of Rs. 500 under each item and further subject to budget allotment.
  • To call for tender for transport for commodities handled by the Federation, and to enter into such agreements or contracts with the approval of the Executive Committee / sub-Committee.
  • To perform such other duties and functions as are assigned by the Managing Director from time to time.
  • To arrange to place monthly progress report of each section before the Executive Committee and other sub-committees.
  • To sanction charge allowance upto 6 months at one twentieth of the minimum pay of the employees who are placed in additional charge of the equivalent of higher posts or placed in independent charge of the higher post.

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