Functions & Duties of Marketing Manager

Powers and functions of the Managing Director

The General Management of the Federation shall subject to the control of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, be vested in the Managing Director. The Board may delegate to him such powers / functions or give directions as it may think fit for the conduct of the business of the Federation. The Managing Director shall be the Chief Executive of the Federation and shall control all the salaried staff including General Manager and supervise their work in the day to day administration of the Federation. The powers and duties of the Managing Director shall be as follows:

  • Generally to conduct the business of the Federation and to implement the policy and programmes laid down by the Board of Directors, For this purpose, to appoint such staff as may be necessary with the approval of the Board.
  • To supervise and control the work of the employees of the Federation.
  • To conduct, negotiate and make arrangement for the purchase and sale of goods and their proper storage etc., as may be entrusted to him by the Board.
  • To sanction expenditure on establishment or for purchase stores subject to the approval of the Board.
  • The Managing Director may entrust any duties and responsibilities to the General Manager or to any other officer of the Federation subject to the prior approval of the Board.
  • In the absence of the Managing Director either on leave, or on transfer, the General Manager may perform the duties of the Managing Director.
  • To perform such other functions that may be delegated by the Board from time to time.
  • To sign on behalf of the Federation and to conduct its correspondence.
  • To supervise and control staff of the Federation subordinate to him, and to maintain their confidential files and impose penalties as per staff service rules.
  • To arrange for sale, and marketing of commodities, to and on behalf of its members and the Federation.
  • The Managing Director shall have power for and on behalf of the Federation to endorse and transfer promissory notes, debentures, securities and documents of title, to goods, standing in the name of, or held by the Federation and to draw, accept and endorse bills of exchange, and to sign all receipts and all accounts and other documents connected with the business of the Federation.
  • The Managing Director shall in exercise of the powers delegated to him, confirming to all such regulations, as may be prescribed by the Board, and all acts done by the Managing Director, in conformity with such regulations, and in fulfillment of the purpose of his appointments but not otherwise, shall have the like force and effect as if done by the Board of Directors.
In addition to the powers conferred under bye-law No. 18(b) of the Federation, the Managing Director shall have the following powers and duties:
  • To transfer, censure, fine, withhold, increments, suspend, reduce the employee of the Federation subject to rule 49 of conduct and discipline rules except in case of Government employees taken on deputation or on contract from Government Departments. In such cases he shall make a special report to the concerned Department for necessary action.
  • To incur contingent expenditure not exceeding Rs. 10,000/- per month subject to budget provision. Rs. 5,000/- at a time.
  • To appoint necessary staff in consultation with President as per rule 17(a) of the K.S.C. Rules. He may however appoint persons subject to sanction by the Board, budget allotment and when business of the Federation warrants such appointment, provided the duration of such appointment shall not exceed 2 months, which should be placed before the Board at the next meeting for information.
  • To negotiate with Government and business firms and manufacturers about the terms and conditions of the business of the Federation and to place details for negotiations before the Executive Committee or other sub-committees for consideration.
  • To purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment to the office up to a limit of Rs. 20,000/- in each case subject to the budget allotment and observing the normal formalities.
  • To engage godowns for storage of Fertilizers and other commodities at such rents as the local circumstances demand for a period of 11 months.
  • To sanction arrears of increments exceeding two increments to the employees of the Federation.
  • To incur expenditure on books, forms and stationery subject to the budget allotments.
  • To purchase and supply any commodity from any society, company or any association and government against specific indent or order up to a limit of Rs. 50,000/- for each items at a time. It shall not apply to controlled commodities allotted by Government or semi-government.
  • To reduce the selling rate of any commodities when the market rates go down in order to avoid losses provided the loss that might be incurred under each commodity shall not exceed Rs. 10,000/- over and other above should go E.C. Business Committee.
  • To move the Government and other competent authorities for disciplinary action against officials lent by Government.
  • To incur expenditure in connection with stock verification of commodities stored in Federation’s godowns, whenever necessary.
  • To incur expenditure in connection with rebagging or standardization of commodities.
  • To insure the commodities and premises against risk of fire & burglary.
  • To sanction leave of more than 2 months to the employees of the Federation including lent officers as per rules.
  • To issue advertisements to newspapers and periodicals in consultation with President subject to the budget allotment. In the case of advertisement to periodicals not connected with co-operative movement, ceiling limit is Rs. 1,000 & beyond this limit approval of Executive Committee / Board should be taken.
  • To incur expenditure towards repairs and renewal of the office and godown buildings subject to the budget allotments.
  • To incur expenditure towards maintenance and repairs of the office vehicles subject to budget allotments.
  • To sanction charge allowance beyond (6) months at one twentieth of the minimum pay of the post to the employees who are placed in addition charge of the equivalent or higher posts or placed in independent charge of higher post.

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