Functions & Duties of Secretary (Accounts)

The duties of the Assistant Accounts Office / Secretary (Accs.) shall include the following:

  • To be in charge of the Accounts Section under supervision of the Chief Accounts Officer and the General Manager
  • To check the cash balance daily and affix signature in token of its correctness.
  • To assist in preparation of statements of accounts from time to time.
  • To sign the certificates of balance in respect of the accounts maintained by the Federation.
  • To issue receipts for all money received and to obtain vouchers for all disbursements on behalf of the Federation.
  • To visit Branch Office, Regional Offices and Agented Societies for inspection of accounts as directed by Chief Officer / General Manager and Managing Director
  • To attend to the correspondence relating to the accounts
  • To furnish receipts and payments statements of the previous month by 5th of the succeeding month.
  • To draft notes on the subject pertaining to the Section for the meetings.
  • To assist the Chief Accounts Officer and General Manager, in preparing and issuing timely demand notice to ‘defaulters’ and to prepare accounts and statements for filling disputes.
  • To perform and to attend to such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Accounts Officer, General Manager, and Managing Director.
  • The Managing Director is authorized to bifurcate the work between the assistant Account Officer and the Secretary (A/Cs.)

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