The objectives of
The Karnataka State Co-Operative Marketing Federation

  • To borrow, raise or secure funds for its own or for providing financial assistance to its members as advances, loans or grants etc.,
  • To arrange for purchase & sale of Agricultural produce and farmers requisites of the members of the Federation to the best advantage of its members.
  • Procurement and distribution of farmers requirements such as chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, irrigation equipments, green houses, iron & steel, cement and all other domestic & industrial requirements.
  • To construct, acquire, maintain, hire, rent out godowns, warehouses, cold storages, grainages, green houses to facilitate storing & sale of agricultural, horticultural and other commodities of the federation, its member societies, Government agencies and other State of National Level co- operative and or Agricultural Institutions.
  • To promote, establish, set up processing activities in agricultural, horticultural products, agricultural implements, farmers requirements, like manures, mixtures, complexes of fertilizers and pesticides etc., and to assist members societies in undertaking all the activities mentioned above, either by itself or in partnership with the members of the federation and also to acquire or hire or requisite all the infrastructure required for undertaking the above mentioned activities in this object. To undertake all these above mentioned object in collaboration with one or other states federation / institution in partnership with the federation.
  • To advance, arrange, finance / loans to the member societies, and securities, in pursuance of the objects of the federation.
  • To export / import agricultural commodities from other states and abroad and to act as an agent therefore and to create infrastructure facility to facilitate import and export trade, like appointment of agency etc.
  • To make arrangements of goods required by its member processing, grading, sorting, packing and marketing of its members agricultural and allied products.
  • To serve as a bureau for collection and dissemination of market intelligence.
  • To extend all possible guidance and advice in technical and scientific matters to the member societies.
  • Arranging Transport goods.
  • Acting as agents on behalf of Government or any other institution or concern for procurement, supply, distribution and production of agricultural and other goods.
  • To supervise & guide the working of the members societies, including their finances marketing and training of their employees.
  • To take active part in promotion and development of productivity marketing, and consumer movements in the state.
  • To enter into agreement or collaboration with private companies / firms / individuals and undertaking projects in conformity with the objects of the Federation for the benefit of the members of the Federation.
  • Arrange for training and refresher courses to the employees of the federation from time to time.
  • To open offices, Branches, Sale Points, Ships outlet, Showrooms, Depots, Godowns, Warehouses etc., wherever necessary in the area of operation of the Federation and also outside the State with prior approval of the Registrar.
  • To do whatever action required for achieving the objects of the Federation.
  • To export / import of non-agricultural commodities to / from other states and abroad and to act as an agent therefore and to create infrastructure facility to facilitate import and export trade, like appointment of agency etc.,

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