Assets & Liabilities of
The Karnataka State Co-Operative Marketing Federation

  • The Federation has an asset base of over 2000 lakhs by way of buildings, godowns, factories, cold storages and branch offices.
  • The Federation has repaid to the Government a sum of Rs. 875.00 lakhs as a part of the Soft Loan which was earlier borrowed with an interest burden of 4%
  • The Federation has to receive a sum of Rs. 168.00 lakhs from the Government as detailed below:
  • Department dues:

In respect of Fertilizer and Pesticides supplied to the Agriculture & Horticulture Departments [for the last 10 years]

Rs. 54.00 lakhs

Differential cost of Sugar and Food grains from GOK [from 1973-74]

Rs. 55.00 lakhs

Fertilizer subsidy from GOI 1992 & 1996

Rs. 59.00 lakhs


Rs. 168.00 lakhs

The Federation has to receive a sum of Rs. 1068.29 lakhs from Spinning Mills and Societies & department against the Sale of Cotton and Fertilizers as detailed below:

Spinning Mills Dues [Since 1988]

Rs. 73.11 lakhs

Consignment dues from Co-operative Societies [Since 1970]

Rs. 40.40 lakhs

Fertilizers dues from Coop. Societies & department

Rs. 954.78 lakhs


Rs. 1068.29 lakhs

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